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Do you ever have one of those days where you are listening to music at a shopping centre and you just want to dance?

Just me?

I should add that I decided not to dance – social norms got the better of me. But I felt a sense of peace and happiness that rather overwhelmed me. Perhaps you know the feeling and express it in a more normal way or perhaps you do not ever experience this sensation.

Happiness is feeling that life is good. Sometimes life feels ok, it just goes on, and other times life feels really good, rich, full and like its going somewhere really special.

I want you to consider your happiest moments – what was going on for you?

Were you creating something, generating ideas? Relating really well to someone? Getting something done? Learning something?  

For me, my happiest moments come along when I feel like I have purpose… and my purpose is about relating to people and helping them change for the better. Even when finance, politics and other external circumstances seem to be lacking, as long as I am still making progress in my purpose then life is good for me.

So many people chase the wrong things for happiness. Status, money, possessions. Perhaps saying they are wrong is a little judgemental of me – but I find that these things are transient and that they do not connect with the human spirit, and that is what is needed for a happy life.

Really take time to reflect on your happiest moments. It is important that we understand when we feel at our best as it helps us keep recreating those moments. When we are happy and living a rich life, we give to society in a better way than when we are in a negative space.

I wish you a happy reflection. And if anyone else feels like dancing in public please tell me – I hope I am not alone!

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