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Our Story: 20 Years of Leadership

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The seeds for The Self Leadership Initiative Ltd were planted way back in 1996 when a Cambridge University law graduate, Krish Raval, gained a contract in Los Angeles. Whilst there, he received specialist personal development training that focussed on self leadership skills. Realising that these life skills were often reserved for elite groups of managers or money makers, he decided to take his new found key skills and knowledge to the UK to train young people in Sheffield.

Learn to Lead has been running across the UK ever since, working with colleges, universities and businesses to ensure that young people have fair access to employability and leadership skills that are needed in order to be effective in most working environments. Over the years the Learn to Lead team expanded, building a team of motivated, successful mentors and coaches who were determined to pass on their self development experiences to other young people.

The Self Leadership Initiative was developed as a partner company of Learn to Lead; building on its existing expertise and its pool of outstanding mentors and personal development trainers. The Self Leadership Initiative provides specialist services for young people, whilst Learn to Lead still flourishes working with University and Post-Graduate level students.

The Self Leadership Initiative prides itself on delivering a curriculum that has been successfully tried, tested and developed in colleges for over 18 years. Our key aims are to develop young people’s self esteem, life skills and an ethos of self leadership. We believe this allows them to know how to plan for their future and achieve their own aspirations in an ever changing world. Their self motivation is then nurtured alongside a range of self leadership skills applicable to nearly all career, education and social environments.

Our team of trainers, mentors and volunteers is continually undertaking research into leadership, self esteem, well being and employability skills. This ensures that our courses continually provide an innovative personal development curriculum for students. We can also proudly say that all of our training staff have been students on our leadership courses themselves and so truly understand the transformational nature of self development.

Our team

Our team is made up of skilled and successful youth workers who have all been through the personal development programme themselves. This means they understand exactly what is involved in achieving effective personal growth. Meet our regular Senior Trainers on the main site. We also have many volunteers who join us to Mentor their peers on a shorter term basis. Using our expertise and years of experience we provide an excellent quality learning experience that will stay with young people for a lifetime.

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