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Leadership Training Programmes, Summer 2016

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Would you like to improve your team working skills?

Do you see yourself as future leader?

Would you like to be more confident in your work?

Then this opportunity is for you...

Young people learn about teamwork, negotiation and communication.

About Our Training Events

The Self Leadership Initiative Ltd is a training provider for young people that develops the skills of ‘Self Leadership’. We firmly believe that in order to be an effective leader for others, you must first be able to lead your own life effectively.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Our training programmes focus explicitly on soft skills that help young people everywhere achieve more in their studies, careers and personal lives. Our training weekend consists of 11 hours of structured activities, two one-hour lunch breaks (lunch not provided) and four 15 minute comfort breaks.

Event Details

London Programme

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016

24 Greencoat Place, The Barn



Ages 18+

10am - 5pm

Training programmes are held at  Ice Sheffield, Coleridge Road and 24 Greencoat Place in London.

Programme Objectives

Day 1

  • To understand the qualities of the comfort zone and stretch zone as well as the impact of staying in them.
  • To foster a sense of positive risk taking behaviour.
  • To develop resilience and ‘recover’ after setbacks.
  • To understand one’s personality type including it’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To understand how different personalities act in groups and teams in order to get the best out of them.
  • To know how to set effective and well rounded goals as well as how to ‘chunk’ them into manageable parts.
  • To learn and use a framework for assertive body language in a public speaking context.
  • To understand the process of learning through juggling.

Day 2

  • To understand one’s typical role when working in teams and how this can be made more effective.
  • To solve problems in teams, being aware of how different personality types interact.
  • To understand the difference between reactive and proactive behavioural responses.
  • To use win-win approaches to problem solving.
  • To reflect on how personal renewal can improve productivity.
  • To use a time management framework to plan tasks effectively.
  • To self motivate using positive language techniques and meditation.
  • To understand the impact of non verbal communication on the meaning of messages.
Participants reflect on their life goals and aspirations.

Our Training Approach

Our courses are often delivered to groups of 20-40 participants in order to create a dynamic environment. We use structured games, discussions, training workshops and role plays to ensure that the whole learning experience is engaging, memorable and relevant.

We dedicate time for participants to practice each skill on the course, individually as well as in group situations - receiving constructive feedback along the way from our team of trainers, mentors and from each other. There is also a key element of personal reflection, allowing participants to consider their development throughout the course and how to apply what they have learned in their daily lives.

Many participants find that the active nature of our courses is a refreshing break from traditional schooling and development courses, but that it can also take time to adjust to a different way of doing things. We do ask all applicants to carefully consider if a mixed age, playful and dynamic environment is right for you before you apply.

Students and young professionals learn together in a dynamic and interactive learning environment


Young Professionals

Young professionals are individuals in work aged mainly 18-30 years old.

Full rate £80

Students / Not employed

Individuals on a full time vocational or academic course. You will need to send proof of your student status such as a scan / copy of your student ID card. NUS extra cards are not accepted.

Full rate £60

Participants gain confidence, work in groups and develop public speaking and presentation skills


To secure your training place:

  1. Call a member of our team on 0114 3211 872, visit our online form or email us at
  2. Select the training weekend you wish to attend and ticket type you wish to purchase.
  3. Give us your contact details in order to receive your invoice. (Invoices can be addressed to employers or educational establishments on request).
  4. Pay the invoice amount using an electronic bank transfer (BACS) to confirm your place.
  5. Closer to the training date we will send you a 15 minute survey as part of our programme evaluation procedure.


After each training programme we deliver, we carefully assess the outcomes of the course and the satisfaction of our participants.

  • 66% of participants said: ''I developed skills that will help me in my studies.''
  • 73% of participants said: ''I developed skills that will help me to get a job / help me in my job.''
  • 77% of participants said: ''I enjoyed the Self Leadership programme.''

“What I particularly enjoyed about this course was the new perspective I had gained on myself and others. Understanding and becoming aware of the various traits people posses. These skills will be invaluable in my daily interactions and I am so glad that I came along this weekend.” Clive Matthews, Young Professional (Biological Research Assistant)

“This is a great course for developing self confidence and having constructive fun.” Rebecca Sampson, College Student

Jessica recommends the course as it built her confidence.

“A great course to help develop self confidence and learn how to be a good team worker. Also you can make friends and understand your pre-existing friends better. The course had amazing leaders who are fully supportive and will help you so much.” Charlotte Bingham, College Student

“Taking part in this programme, I experienced first-hand the benefits of becoming more self-aware and developing effective interpersonal skills. In a highly energetic environment of like-minded people, the course adopted a very engaging and creative approach to provide people with the knowledge and skills to become more adaptable, more assertive and more productive. The Self Leadership Initiative shows individuals how they can achieve their potential by applying these techniques to every aspect of their lives.” James Cribb, Young Professional (Assistant Psychologist)

“This was a really enjoyable way to learn and it will definitely help me with my future careers.” Luke Golland, College Student

Luke reccomends the course as it will help him in his career

“The skills and activities that I learned and developed over the two days made me feel more confident. I will take away a lot from this weekend and try to be more proactive and effective both in my personal life and work life.” Matt Peacock, Young Professional (IT Support Technician)

“It really makes you think and reflect on yourself. It makes you think about who you want to be, who you are and sets you up on your way to taking action and becoming a self leader.” Arshad Mozumder, University Student

“This programme allows people to become more self aware, more assertive and confident in achieving their goals. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in improving themselves or helping young people to grow their personalities. I left this experience with a range of ideas on how I could not only improve myself, but also how I could improve my own training to help others.'' Rebecca Davies, Young Professional (Democratic support coordinator)

To find out more about us, please visit our main site.

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